A to Z Challenge

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I signed up for this challenge because I’m new to the blogging world and thought it would be good to help get into it. Basically everyday except Sunday in April you make a post that starts with the next letter of the alphabet. You can pick a theme for all of them or choose not to. If you want more info or want to sign up yourself check it out here:

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Life Lessons From Furry Friends Pt. 1

Tiger and Fluffy

Neither Tiger nor Fluffy really matched their names. Tiger just barely had a touch of orange and the occasional black stripe whereas Fluffy was just clearly not fluffy in any way. We got these two cats as kittens together when my siblings and I were very young. They were the first baby animals we ever had to care for and that became apparent when my sister and I thought we’d try a little science experiment with them.

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Finding Motivation


Since I was in elementary school I loved to think of story ideas and write them down. As I got older I fell in love with poetry. And finally I have just started to explore writing non-fiction. I love to write and would like to increase my writing, but having a full-time job as a teacher has made me mostly too exhausted to try anything else. The hope is that by creating this blog it will help me find motivation as well as increase my writing capacity. If you happen across this blog I would be so grateful for you to leave a comment or critique to help me improve and try harder.