Finding Motivation


Since I was in elementary school I loved to think of story ideas and write them down. As I got older I fell in love with poetry. And finally I have just started to explore writing non-fiction. I love to write and would like to increase my writing, but having a full-time job as a teacher has made me mostly too exhausted to try anything else. The hope is that by creating this blog it will help me find motivation as well as increase my writing capacity. If you happen across this blog I would be so grateful for you to leave a comment or critique to help me improve and try harder.

13 thoughts on “Finding Motivation

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  2. If at all possible, make writing part of your daily routine, if only for a few minutes. At one point I allowed myself about 30 minutes a day, during lunch, to write. You might be surprised at how much you can produce with a consistent schedule. Good luck, and keep writing!

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