Like a fool you forced the chance to drop a name.

Spinning tales of love from your old flames,

hoping for heated reactions, provoking that always stays the same.

I will not play along with your attempt at games.

The explosion that you craved; it never came.

Swallow pride and I will try to savor sweet

memories of that smile: my favorite treat.

The infection of those lips have been my defeat.


If only I had not heard of your deceit.

Those lips, tasting strangers that you meet.


This lack of trust corrodes my patience well,

but I will hide distaste so you can never tell.

Consumed by this mask, hidden within a shell.


I can pretend that I am unaware,

that I am not disgusted by an affair.

But push the limits of what I can repair,

and my charade of happiness will not bare

the burden of misery that you share.


Feeling dims when boundaries stretch too far.

Your wounding words have pierced and left a scar.

No longer can I ignore what we are.

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