He wakes up tired, lonely.
Thinks it’s the end,
It’s only the start of a new day,
And still, he searches for feeling to fill
This space that has made a home
In his heart, no longer his own,
This void that can take, but cannot condone.
Crowds his mind, but he still feels alone.
He hears that he’s hurt, but will not confess
To the pain that attacks deep in his chest.
He thinks he’s alright with denial as a friend,
Sinks so slowly, he starts to bend
To the will of an influence too strong to ignore
And it takes, and it takes, and it takes some more.
But it cannot give him what he needs,
Yet with a hunger he still feeds.
Craves constantly supplements for awareness,
Reckless and raging he strives to be careless.
Hides from responsibility for his own actions,
Seeks out arguments to get reactions
Because maybe this debate will clear his head,
Cure his disease with words that are said,
But if he would just have patience he’d know

He must stop self-destructing in order to grow.

If he could just listen to our requests
He’d admit addiction and conquer regret.

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