Y is for Yellowstone National Park

After our Wonderland Trail hike we visited my Uncle Pete in Olympia, Washington then drove up to Vancouver Island and finally made a stop at Yellowstone National Park before going home. Yellowstone is incredible and there are two memories that stick out to me.

First, the bison. I had never seen a bison in real life before and in Yellowstone they are everywhere. There was a time when the herd was moving and just blocking the road and the rangers said you just have to wait for them. I love that. In the park the nature is in charge, not the people.

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W is for Wonderland Trail in Washington

W day is here! I’ve never been more excited!! (Okay, that’s definitely not true.) Anyway, I wrote a story called Walking in Wonderland that I would love to share. I am going to break it into pieces like the Oregon story because it’s a bit long BUT I wrote it soon after hiking so the memories were very fresh and I actually had time to go over the story and make it “good” instead of just typing it up on the spot. I also have a ton of pictures that I’d like to share along the way. I won’t lie, I’m very proud of this story and accomplishment of hiking the Wonderland Trail so I really hope you enjoy it too! 🙂 Now without further delay:

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V is for Vancouver Island

When my family took a vacation in Washington to hike the Wonderland Trail (which I am super excited to write about for W!) my parents wanted to include a trip to Vancouver Island in Canada to visit one of their friends.

We were told what a great time we would have because it would be on the beach and it was a very beautiful place. This is what convinced us to take the 13 hour drive from my uncle’s house in Washington to Vancouver Island (not that my siblings and I really had a say anyway).

When we arrived it was bitter cold, windy and rainy. Our 13 hour drive led us to this:

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T is for Tennessee

My high school band got to take a big field trip every other year and Florida happens every 4 years while the other trip changes location. The trip my class went on was to Nashville, Tennessee. We got to visit and see a show at the Grand Ole Opry, listen to an Elvis impersonator, and visit many more historical and musically relevant places. Unfortunately, I was in high school so most of my pictures are me being silly with my friends…. oh well, I will share some anyway! 🙂

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I found him

Lying on the floor. 

No. Not dead.


I asked him why

He chose the kitchen over a bed. 

He said it was because

The heat of the oven kept him warm,

And in that moment I understood

The fear of being alone.