C is for California

Two summers ago I was visiting my boyfriend’s family in Las Vegas. They wanted to show me Southern California because it was one of their favorite places and I had never been. We decided we would visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A. and go to Little Italy and a dog beach in San Diego since we were bringing their pug, Shy Ann. That’s where the planning stopped.

We were driving between L.A. and San Diego and it was nearing 11 PM and we still had not booked a hotel. Every place we called had no vacancies. After frantically searching and calling every hotel we could find, one happened to have a room free! There were a couple of problems. There was only one bed (and four of us) and they did not allow dogs. We were desperate so we booked it anyway.

The first problem was easy to solve as we found out their was a pullout couch that could be used as a second bed. The second problem required some creative thinking. Shy Ann was a small pug, only about 19 lbs. We emptied out a travel bag and placed her inside, covering her lightly with a beach towel. As nonchalantly as possible we strode through the back door and headed right for the elevator. Just as the doors were closing behind us, a man caught it with his hand and entered.

The doors shut and we looked awkwardly at each other, saying a silent prayer. Suddenly, we heard an “mmmm” sound. Not a bark, not a whimper, not a growl…an “mmmm”. Shy Ann was making her weird pug noises. I could only handle it for a second before I burst into laughter and my boyfriend’s mom joined me. Luckily, the elevator reached our floor and we exited quickly leaving the man quite puzzled as to what just happened.

We were able to get her out much easier the next day, but it was definitely the highlight of the trip and an important lesson in planning ahead of time.


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