D is for Dominican Republic

When I was 11 my family joined the Goshen Church on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Our mission was to help rebuild one of their schools. We spent most of our time in Santo Domingo building the school, but the last two days we went to a resort so we could experience the tourist side of it too. To be honest, I enjoyed the authentic side better.

Every evening we had a meeting to discuss what happened that day and get in groups to make journal entries. I will share an excerpt from our journal we compiled and what I wrote when I was there. (Keep in mind I was 11 years old…)

Painting the Ceiling

“Our assignment was to paint the ceiling white. At the beginning we filled holes and sanded. Then the painting started. At the beginning of the day we were all having fun painting and singing old songs, but by the end of the day we were paint covered (in our hair, on our skin, and clothes) and frustrated. See, most of us didn’t realize we were painting four rooms (only the ceilings). The funny thing is that we painted the building; Serena painted everything else, including us.”

I remember thoroughly enjoying covering everyone with paint until we had to wash it off. They provided us with tubs of gasoline to wash the oil-based paint off. After I stepped in the tub my legs became red, swollen, and blotchy. I’m pretty sure that’s an allergic reaction. (So I’m allergic to gasoline?) Or maybe that just happens to anyone who stands in a tub of gasoline, because you know, that’s not too common of an activity.

To top it all off, that night at the meeting is when a tarantula decided to join us. It was quite an eventful day.


Finally, I will leave you with my “journal” I’ve held onto for 13 years now. Let me know if you actually want to know what any of it says since my handwriting is simply terrible.



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