E is for Escape

Charlie looks at me, the weight of crippling anxiety caught in his gaze.

“I know you can’t understand-”

“Stop it! We’ll figure this out. Together. We always do.”

“Not this time,”┬áHis burdened stare leaves my face, turning his attention to his twisting hands. “At least I’m seeking help.”

“Can’t I help you? You said I was your strength!”

“You were… or are… I guess I’m just too weak. I need to go now, I just wanted to tell you first.”

“How long will you be gone?”

“As long as it takes.” With that said Charlie stands and walks swiftly for the door. I watch out the window, letting my shallow tears transition to gasping breaths.

“Enough talk. When does talking solve our problems. He’s been asking for help for three years and he’s still starved for answers!”

Turning from the window I head for the garage. Cold creeps over my heart and my skin becomes littered with goosebumps.

I hear the car Charlie took accelerating down the street as I enter my own. Saying a quiet goodbye I realize it will be the last time he sees me.

“He’s always telling me HE wants to escape, and it’s only ME who is brave enough to get it done!”

I turn the key in the ignition and slump back in my seat.

“I will escape this time. I’m just… sorry I couldn’t save anyone.”



Originally I was going to write E is for Europe, but then I got some bad news today. The kind of news that makes you stop in your tracks and blur everything else to the background. So I couldn’t drag myself to write about a fun adventure in Europe. Instead, I wrote to process and deal with the news before me. Saying a prayer for anyone struggling. You are loved, you are not alone.


5 thoughts on “E is for Escape

  1. Powerful and painful. I’m sorry that life has given you something that led to this story.

    As a writer–this tiny glimpse tells us worlds of information, and I like how you have transformed reality into fiction, something I am hoping to learn to do.

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  2. Serena,
    First, I wish you courage and strength to deal with whatever setback has befallen you.

    Second, when you’re in this place you find yourself, your writing soars. It’s gripping. It’s a horrible way have to find your voice, but just like an actor has to visit a dark place to play certain scenes, a writer must make the same journey to reach a certain voice. You’ll get through the moment you’re in right now. You’ll come out a different person, maybe a stronger person, but certainly a more knowledgeable person. And on the other side of this moment, your writing will continue to benefit from having struggled through.

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