F is for Florida

I’m back to travel writing for the A to Z challenge! In fact, the bad news I received yesterday seems like good news today. I’m feeling very hopeful and positive! So here’s an anecdote from Florida:

I’ve been to Florida many times. The experience I’d like to share today is when I went to Disney with my high school band. There were many highlights to this adventure. We started off strong when we stopped at a rest stop and found some enlightening literature.


My friend who discovered this newspaper just happened to be Jewish, which made it even more entertaining when we got to this page:


So much learned….

Once we were in Disney we wasted no time creating the best photographs.

We even held a wedding led by Buzz Lightyear.


And I got to kiss Walt disney!


But the most memorable day was right before we had to head home. I had been complaining about my foot hurting to my friends and they just kept telling me to suck it up (like all good friends). I thought maybe it was because I was wearing flip flops too long, but the top of my foot is what was bothering me. When we got into the hotel that night and out of the sun I finally saw the damage. I had sun poisoning for the first time, and it was disgusting. My foot literally looked like a raw piece of steak. It was swollen and purplish-red with lines running through it. Picture a nice juicy T-Bone…. I felt feverish and exhausted. We were supposed to be packing and I managed to roll out of bed and lift up one sock before exclaiming I couldn’t do it and going back to bed. My friends told me I slept like I was dead that night-literally not moving a muscle. They took a picture…but it’s super unflattering so I’ll just keep that one to myself. πŸ™‚

I had to elevate and ice my foot the whole bus ride home.


I am extra vigilant with sunscreen now.

11 thoughts on “F is for Florida

  1. Sunscreen becomes your best friend when you realise that you are basicaly a ghost πŸ™‚ I just burn in the sun, never tan, so I understand the pain. Love your travel posts!

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  2. You sure had a lot of fun there in Florida. Going with friends can be wonderful – or horrible … Thanks for sharing your happy memories!


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