H is for Hawk’s Shadow and Hidden Handprint

In one of my poetry classes we had an assignment to take a poet’s poem and create our own version based on it. The poem I chose was Hawk’s Shadow by Louise Gluck:

Hawk’s Shadow

And here is my version, Hidden Handprint:

Lying close together, cushioned by blades of bare grass,
I memorized the beat of your heart.
Now, the significance of that rhythm fades.
And I recall the impression of your hand;
you had it raised to the sky so that
when the sun burst through your trembling fingers
a dark imprint stained the lawn.
I knew the shape was distorted—
Whispers of frailty clung to its edges,
like the way dishonesty slips so freely from your palms.
Then the image vanishes
and I am left with the thought:
Always restricted—contaminated
by fleeting darkness, scraps of shade.
It is your hand that halts my freedom,
a soul bullied by withering shadows.

2 thoughts on “H is for Hawk’s Shadow and Hidden Handprint

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