J is for Joshua Tree National Park

Two summers ago my dad, mom, and sister went to hike the Pacific Crest Trail to help my mom complete her bucket list and get her Triple Crown (AT, PCT, and CD). I went out with my boyfriend to meet them in Oregon and do some hiking as well as provide some support for them. Sadly I missed Joshua Tree National Park, but I have seen Joshua Trees! These are some of their pictures and they are beautiful so I thought I’d share, especially since J is a really hard letter to think of places I’ve been!



My sister and mom hiking (and someone I don’t know!)


All pictures were taken by my dad, Kirk Sinclair.

Both my parents are long distance backpackers and my dad has the Triple Crown and my mom has earned an honorary Triple Crown since they could not fully complete the PCT due to my mom’s declining condition, but earlier she had hiked the American Discovery Trail which is even longer than the PCT!


11 thoughts on “J is for Joshua Tree National Park

    • I’m impressed by them too! I’ve hiked parts of the AT and PCT but never the whole trail. We did a backpacking trip around Mt. Rainier as a family vacation once! (But it was only 9 days so it doesn’t really compare)

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      • I have sort of accidentally hiked part of the AT. My husband’s family lives right near it, but oddly enough, that is not the part I have hiked. It is one of those things I would like to start, though I would have to be a section hiker at this point. Unless I won the lottery last night.

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  1. Oh, you’re making me jealous. I’m kinda new to hiking, but I’m loving it. So new, in fact, that I’ve never heard Triple Crown in this context. I can figure out PCT and AT, but I’m gonna have to look up CD. First, I gotta try and figure it out…

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      • You got it! The American Discovery Trail was a whole year! (But there were a lot of rest days) A good starter trail would be the Long Trail or the John Muir Trail. Those are about 3 weeks I believe and not too difficult. The PCT is actually the easiest of the big 3 because it started as a horse trail!

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      • We did the Wonderland Trail in 9 days as a family vacation! It can be done in a week, but you’d have to hike high mileage days. It’s one of the most beautiful trails though. I was planning on sharing for W! You can of course hike sections of any trail and just plan for a week journey, we did that with the AT a lot. My dad ran a big brother big sister program call TRAIL and he took those kids for 5 weeks out on the AT. My family was the support crew so if we hiked it was only a few days at a time.


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