Remember When

Remember when, not long ago

These silent streets masked as home?

Walked down, stepped on,

Paths in nighttime life were drawn.


Moonlight shattered treetops

Piercing the air, a heart stops.

Between each leaf, a silent glow-

It watches, listens, no one knows.


Time lost in a flow of words.

An electric buzz is all that’s heard.

Withering hope is ignited,

A chain reaction, pulse excited.


Face flushed, a hint of fear,

But happiness is the most near.

Closing in, but so far away.

Never to stay, never to stay.


12 thoughts on “Remember When

  1. I gotta confess, I don’t understand poetry very well. I’m trying. Your piece is very evocative, but I know there’s much more there beyond the surface and I’m only scratching that. I’m going back to read it another couple times and see what comes out to me. Thanks for sharing it. You are bold and talented, a terrific combination.

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    • I have two styles I experiment with. One: completely obvious and two: slightly vague with an emphasis on language. If you’d like I can share what the poem is about to me, but this one definitely fits into the second category because my hope is that it will mean different things to different people. However I do have a very specific memory/image in my head that was the reason this poem was written.

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      • I grew up in a very small town, not much traffic. And we used to hang out with the kids in town even at night. We would play capture the flag through the whole town center, or sometimes just take walks together. There was one time I was with a boy I liked and we were kind of tiptoeing around ourselves. He didn’t kiss me even though he told me he liked me too and when I told my sister she made me go back right up to his door. He came out and no words were said, just a kiss! It was very romantic, very movie-like. But nothing ever came of it so that’s where the fear/happiness of a new relationship and “never to stay” come from.


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