Q is for Quebec

Really this story took place in Montreal, but that’s in the Quebec province so it still counts!

In 2007, my family took a vacation in Canada. We went in April and it was right around Easter time. We did a lot of shopping, saw some cool museums, and, of course, visited Tim Horton’s. But the most memorable day in Canada was actually on Easter.

We were riding the Montreal Metro and it was pretty crowded so my whole family was standing around one of the poles in the middle of the car. I do NOT like being surrounded by strangers so I was feeling high anxiety and everyone felt just a little too close for comfort. When it was our stop it was such a relief to get out and have space again…but that relief didn’t last long when my mom reached into her purse and discovered she’d been pick-pocketed. Her wallet and reading glasses (of all things) were missing! We all cursed under our breaths, knowing EXACTLY which guy it was who had been standing right by my mom. It was too late though, the only thing we could do was report it to the police.

We went back above ground and tried asking some people for help. A lot of people only spoke French and we only spoke English so it was getting pretty frustrating. After finally finding someone who spoke English they gladly pointed us in the direction of the “police” station.

From the outside it definitely looked like a police station. The lettering out front and the way it was decorated had all the signs that this indeed was a place that would uphold the law. Then we opened the door and discovered it was an arcade….

Now that too locals had gotten the best of us we were feeling pretty discouraged. We wandered for a long time, eventually finding the police to report the crime and realizing we hadn’t eaten at all. It was Easter and usually we have a really nice dinner with family, but that year we ended up eating at a Quizno’s.

After eating we decided it was probably best to just head back to where we were staying. Enough excitement for the day….

My parents had all the kids stay while they went out one last time. They were going to get a bottle of wine, I guess they felt like they needed it after the day we had. In front of the store was a man asking for money, and he asked my parents who promptly told him about how their wallet was stolen and all the misfortune they had and he ended up shedding pity on them. To top off the already spectacular evening, on the way back from the store my mom fell on her knee which turned purple and swollen and made walking for her nearly impossible.

Even though all those crazy bad things happened, at the end of the evening it was my family sitting around the table, sharing some drinks (responsibly) and laughing together. That’s why that memory stands out so much in my mind. It wasn’t just that a lot of bad stuff happened all in one day, it was despite that stuff happening we still managed to end the day smiling.

7 thoughts on “Q is for Quebec

  1. Oh man we’re not all like that, I swear! I’m sorry your trip didn’t go as well as it could’ve. I take that subway all the time and it’s never happened to me. I would’ve been so pissed!

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