R is for Rensselaer County

Rensselaer County in New York is a special place for me because it’s where my sister has lived for the past four years or so. She lives in Troy currently and I get to visit her pretty frequently so I’d like to tell you about a few cool places to check out if you ever happen to be in the area.

First: The Troy Farmer’s Market. This happens year-round on Saturdays. During the summer it’s outdoors and then they move it indoors in the winter. I love farmer’s markets in general, but this one has my FAVORITE place to buy goat cheese. Chevre is my absolute favorite cheese to eat, but really I love all cheese. There are a lot of cheese vendors, and believe me I have sampled them all, but Goats & Gourmets is my favorite. It’s a family run farm and the guy who sells the cheese recognizes my boyfriend and me when we go now. He says we’re his favorite Connecticut customers (probably because we’re his only Connecticut customers). He even wrote me down one of his family’s recipes on a brown paper bag because we got to talking about crepes and his apricot chevre with honey. If you do find yourself in this area I definitely recommend checking this farmer’s market out!

More info on the farmer’s market here.

Second: The Brown Bag. This is a burger place that is well known for its South Troy Burger: peanut butter and bacon with your burger patty and served between two glazed donuts. I haven’t had this one myself, I opted for a regular burger instead. I’ve heard it’s delicious, but not really my taste!

Check out their other burger creations here!

Third: Chez Mike. This restaurant is in East Greenbush, not Troy, but it’s still Rensselaer County. Not only is their food crazy delicious, but one of my favorite life memories happened here. 🙂  Check out their incredible menu!

I’ve been talking about hiking the PCT a lot with my family and I mentioned I could only go out for a week to meet them in Oregon. It was 5 months away from my sister and I missed her a lot while she was away. My birthday is in November and my family wasn’t scheduled to get home until after it had passed. My boyfriend told me he wanted to take me to a really special restaurant since it would be just the two of us. He kept it very secret and he wouldn’t tell me where we were going, but when we started driving I knew we were heading towards New York. I had an inward groan because it was two hour drive and a school night, but I knew he was trying to do something nice for me. I did make a not so subtle comment about how we could have found a nice restaurant in CT…I’m sure he appreciated that.

We arrived at the restaurant and got seated. I joked that we should have invited my sister’s boyfriend since he lives in the area. And then my sister casually slid into the booth next to me. And I started sobbing. I mean good tears. I wasn’t expecting to see my sister for a whole month and there she was surprising me for my birthday. She had made everyone keep it a secret. My parents weren’t allowed to tell me and she made sure nothing made it on Facebook so the surprise would not be spoiled. It is my best birthday memory thanks to my sister and my boyfriend.

Sister love ❤

3 thoughts on “R is for Rensselaer County

  1. How awesome is that. You have a great boyfriend. You better keep him. It sounds like you live in a great area. I love a good farmer’s market. I need to go check ours out and see if it’s open yet.

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