U is for Utah

I am a day behind the A to Z so here is my catch-up post! I went to Utah on one of my family’s western U.S. vacations and we did a lot of hiking as well as camping in Arches National Park. I don’t know where our pictures are from said vacation, so I got some from the web to share since it truly is an incredible park to visit.

I do have a vivid memory from this trip even being very young. I had just received two toys: a mountain goat and a big-horned sheep. When we would climb the different rock faces at Arches I would imagine I was one (or both) of those animals and hold them in my hands as I ran around.


11 thoughts on “U is for Utah

  1. I think a cool bucket list would be to visit all the national parks. I’m not even sure how many there are. And I don’t know how many I’ve been to. I’ve been A to Z, though — Acadia and Zion. Just missing a bunch of letters in between. Time to start working on that and Arches looks like a cool place to start.

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