Y is for Yellowstone National Park

After our Wonderland Trail hike we visited my Uncle Pete in Olympia, Washington then drove up to Vancouver Island and finally made a stop at Yellowstone National Park before going home. Yellowstone is incredible and there are two memories that stick out to me.

First, the bison. I had never seen a bison in real life before and in Yellowstone they are everywhere. There was a time when the herd was moving and just blocking the road and the rangers said you just have to wait for them. I love that. In the park the nature is in charge, not the people.


A lone bison.


A herd of bison!


My dad being “funny”.

The next best part of the trip was seeing Old Faithful and the hot springs.

SI Exif

Old Faithful.

SI Exif

My sister and me posing with a geyser…NBD.

SI Exif

A smaller geyser


This water is actually extremely hot!

And here are some more pictures because why not, it’s a beautiful place!

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