Z is for Zehro’s House

Though this isn’t a place many people can visit, I struggled with Z places I’ve been to so this will have to do!

There used to be a pizza place in my town called Mizza’s Pizza and it was run by Mizza’s brother, Nuhi. His pizza cook was Zehro. Nuhi is Albanian and Zehro is Bosnian and they are two of the kindest most generous people I have ever met. My sister and I both worked there as waitresses and they not only fed us, but they helped us with our lives outside of the restaurant.

When my parents were hiking The American Discovery Trail and gone for a year my sister was left to take care of the house. Zehro would come over and take care of our gardens and help us grow fresh produce. In the winter he would come and snow-blow our driveway. They checked up on us to see how we were doing, always willing to lend a helping hand. One of my favorite examples of Zehro’s kindness and generosity is when I went to visit him at his house.

He always fixed my car for me for free. He would tell me what I needed to get and then he wouldn’t charge me anything. One such time I went with my boyfriend while he was going to change my oil. He wanted to show us his chickens because they are essentially like his pet dogs, he treated them as such. As we went over he asked if we liked eggs. We do like eggs so he told us whatever eggs we found we could keep. Then as we were sitting on his patio waiting for him to finish with my car he came out to offer us beverages. We politely told him we didn’t need anything since we felt he was already giving us so much and then he ended up coming back out and giving us some bottled Gatorade anyway… you know so we wouldn’t be thirsty while waiting for him to change the oil for free on my car and waiting to enjoy our fresh eggs. This is why Zehro’s house is such a special place, and I think a fitting memory to end the A to Z Challenge.


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