The waiting is the worst-

When anger has a chance to fade

Creeping doubt appears first,

Directly preceding your guilty face.

Actions so obviously wrong,

Called into question by moist eyes.

So I bite my tongue and back down,

And let you fill my ears with lies.


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17 thoughts on “Waiting

      • I think it depends on the subject matter, sometimes rhyming just seems right for a piece.. I don’t write much rhyme, but when I do, I know it is right πŸ™‚ Yours was great because it naturally flowed and didn’t feel forced!

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      • Yea! That’s how my thought started because I was just in middle school and I wrote my first poem about a cat being fat…and all my friends who wrote rhymes were pretty terrible. I thought I needed to be more elegant with my words, but when there’s a natural rhythm it actually helps the poem rather than hinder it I think.


  1. Somebody gonna be in trouble…

    Nicely done, Serena. Very evocative. I get a sense she’s not going to deal with this issue. She’s just going to leave. And both parties will lose. It’s a sad tale, but beautifully told.

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