Let Go

Your taste, like acid, burns my tongue.

Fermenting, foul, never young.

I may be older than my bones,

But not enough to hear your moans.

It’s funny how you say my name

Like it’s hypnotic, lost in Love’s game.

I know better then to believe,

Still, it’s hard not to grieve.

How many others do you seek to please?

And do they pay their hearts as fees?

I lost mine so long ago,

Before I could recognize you as a foe.

I wanted this feeling to speak the truth,

But I spoke with the naivetรฉ of my youth.

Bitter now, too hard not to resent.

Foolish to think you were Heaven sent.

Am I also one to blame?

Am I untrue when I whisper your name?

Maybe it’s not meant to be.

Maybe you should set me free.


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