The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

My second award nomination! A big THANK YOU to DAISY IN THE WILLOWS for nominating me for this award that I had not heard of before either! I love the title though, because I love cats (and I have two adorable ones)!

I found Daisy’s blog during the A to Z Challenge in April and continue to be impressed by her writings, her experience, her perspective, and her insight. Not only is she an engaging writer, but she talks about the subjects we really NEED to. She brings awareness to topics other people might avoid, like mental health or environmental awareness (save the animals!) and has a refreshingly honest approach as she ties in her own life. I think a big part of blogging is interacting with other bloggers and Daisy helped inspire this realization as well as boosting my confidence by giving me multiple shout-outs and words of encouragement. Definitely check out her blog!


Questions from Daisy:

  1. What is “home” to you?

Difficult question. A few years ago I might have answered my childhood house. When I got to college I moved at least once a year if not twice so I always felt like I didn’t have a “home”. Now that my childhood house has changed so much and I don’t have my old bedroom it doesn’t feel the same. My memories of home were mostly of my mom and now that she is there, more in body than mind, it feels more like constant sadness then the feel of home should be. SO if I had to answer this question I supposed “home” is wherever I can be with Kevin and Bailey (my dog) and that looks like California starting in August. I look forward to having a place to call home!

2. What are your three favorite albums? Why?

Another difficult question. I’m notoriously bad at picking favorites in anything. Every song I hear becomes my favorite. I can name three albums that I call some of my favorites, but they do not necessarily outrank an album I have not listed. Also to make it easier I’m going to name three of my favorite albums from the same band: Stars. The albums are Heart, In Our Bedroom After the War, and The North. Stars is one of my favorite bands and they’ve stuck with me as one of my all-time favorites since high school. I still have my Stars sweatshirt I got from their concert I went to in high school. I love their lyrics and sound and everything about them. So check them out!

3. What was Freddie Mercury’s favorite animal and why do you think it was?

CATS. One, this is the black cat award after all and two, that’s the most reliable answer I found while doing some “research”. I found this quote: “Loved his cats, and dedicated his solo-album “Mr. Bad Guy” to them. When he was out touring, he used to phone his cats and talk to them for hours. On one of his waistcoats, he has painted portraits of all of his cats.” I don’t know if that’s true, but it’s evidence enough for me!


My questions for the next nominees are as follows:

  1. What inspires you?
  2. What is your favorite book OR who is your favorite author and why?
  3. The age old question of cats or dogs? (And why!?)

I nominate the following bloggers for this prestigious award:

Sarah @ Travels with Choppy

Emily @ Zombie Flamingos

Disco Lemonade @ The College Years


Diane @ LadiesWhoLunchReviews,etc

Heather @ HeatherJames Photography

Audrey @ MsAudreyC

19 thoughts on “The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

    • I know! I got around to this a week later, but I’d say that was still pretty good time. I wonder how you will answer the cat or dog question! Either Choppy or Schooner is going to be pretty upset with you…. :p

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