Tar black coats your body in inky perfection. A night like this deserves a memory that lasts. That’s what you were thinking when you took your first sip at least. Things changed after that. Swig after swig, burning liquid breathed fire down your throat and into the depths beyond. Swirling frantically, thrashing within in a violent frenzy. Keep going, your mind is coaxing you, persuasion in the form of a seductive glass bottle. All you need to be happy is that one final sip. And just one more for luck, and then one more for prosperity, and then one more because damn it feels good to be alive. The night slowly fades, moon sinking like your battered eyelashes. You were stumbling to your bed, fumbling for something to hold onto before you collapsed on the floor. I remember your smile as it slid out of tune, giddy in the approaching dimness. Tossing your head back you took that one last sip. You crumpled before my very eyes, disintegrating into darkness.

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