I went to Taylor’s funeral service today and it was a beautiful celebration of her life and a good reminder of just how many people she’s touched in her short lifetime. I’ve found myself lately conflicting with a lot of ups and downs in terms of emotions. When I got the news of her passing I was attending a wedding. Saturday, I was at a baby shower, yesterday, I was at my cousin’s baptism and today, I was at a funeral. Even though we all gathered for Chi’s death, we found ourselves laughing over our silly memories and so grateful to all be together again. I wrote a poem a few years ago that reflects on these contrasts in life and I thought today was the perfect day to share it. It’s called Joy.


You can have the sunshine,

Clearing clouds from the sky,

If I can have the taste of rain

And the colors left behind.


You can have the summer warmth

That soothes shaking nerves,

If I can have that winter chill

That shows me what heat is worth.


You can have the voice of reason

That keeps you rational and calm,

If I can have the storm of emotion,

So I can recognize where joy comes from.

22 thoughts on “Joy

  1. The cycles of life ❀️ I think some rather peculiar and heavy energy has been passing through the universe this year. This year had peaceful feelings surrounding it and has worked me emotionally harder than years prior. Maybe that’s how peace is found tho, by stirring up the settled dust. Peace and love Serenity β€οΈπŸ’œ

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