Poem From Capulet

I wrote this poem as an assignment my freshman year of high school, but I find it applicable today as it is based off the feud between the Montagues and Capulets in Romeo and Juliet. Today we still pass down our biases and prejudices to our children and keep these wars and acts of terror going. I don’t have children, but I hope when I do that I am not the one responsible for teaching them hate.

The roots of this feud

Seep to the floor,

Soaking into shoes of bitter hate.

Loathing grown stale

To a crisp ferment of hidden love

For our children that grow amidst this fiery passion.

This war is seizing our minds

In a lock of ignorance,

And weary am I of this tired battle

Stretching on to oblivion,

Securely held by youth of mine.

Should they not release heated emotion,

This searing hate will burn their souls

And blind their hearts,

Leading only to foolish mistakes.

Cold, hardened, steely faces,

With lips pursed and pinched

To others “less” in mind.

Let this anger escape my decrepit bones

And deform another in twisted agony.

For a fight torments your mind

Till it sinks into dreams of light,

Haunted by the fading sun.

Darkness stains your hands

With a crimson from deep within.

We know no other way

Than iron clashing with iron,

So we seal scars for future fates.

Let these prisoners be released,

And not cringe from a name.

15 thoughts on “Poem From Capulet

  1. When will humanity be freed from our self imposed prison of hate and prejudice? Only with love and compassion.

    Love this poem. Thanks for sharing. And thank you for nominating me for the quote challenge. I love quotes:)

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