Life Lessons From Furry Friends Pt. 3


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted one of these, and that’s because Scott stumped me and I refused to go out of order! The original idea was that I would pick one lesson from each pet I have owned. I just could not decide what lesson to pluck from living with Scott. I thought maybe humor because he was such a funny character he always made everyone laugh. Now, I’d just like to tell his story, and maybe by the end I’ll narrow down one word like forgiveness or patience (from part 1 and 2)…and maybe I won’t. :p


It was my senior year of high school and my sister told me she wanted to get a dog. It had been years since Leia had passed and both of us longed for the type of companionship only a dog can provide. She had been looking at a dog named Trixie down at the Little Guild of St. Francis (the amazing shelter nearby) because she was a Rottweiler mix (my favorite!) and had been in the shelter for years. We went to the shelter and as we were walking in I nudged my sister and said, “Did you see that dog? Did you see his eyes? He had kind eyes.” She shook her head, only looking for the dog she had selected. Trixie was wonderful, as every dog is, but she was an agility dog and super active which was not going to work in our household. It was time to make a different selection.

My parents and sister came home from the shelter a few days later and told me they had found the perfect dog for our family. “His name is Scott!” They all laughed, because you don’t really hear Scott as a dog’s name, it’s more of a person name in my experience. I was told I had to meet him before we took him home because he had to meet everyone in the family. I went to the shelter and when they brought Scott into the meeting room I gasped in delight, “It’s the one with kind eyes! I told you about this one, remember!? I told you he had kind eyes!” Scott became a member of our family from that day forward.


He was a German Shepherd-Akita mix and an 85 pound fluffy teddy bear. He was scared of small dogs and loved to receive hugs. We were shocked to learn he had 7 homes before us, including one where they tried to sell him at a garage sale. (Please don’t ever do that.) He was already 8 when we adopted him, but he didn’t show his age. When we went for walks he would trot along happily the entire time until we started nearing the driveway. Then he would suddenly slow his pace, dragging his feet along the ground like he couldn’t manage another step. If we passed the driveway he would resume his bouncing gait, however, if we turned into the driveway he would continue to slow down, acting like walking was the hardest thing in the world. When we got to the door he would turn his head, pretending he couldn’t see it and didn’t know we were expecting him to walk inside.

He loved to play chase. We were careful not to leave him outside without a leash. He had separation anxiety, but if he knew you would chase him he would be gone. One time my cousin was over and sitting outside with him on our porch. He had no leash, but it was clear our cousin wasn’t moving as he sat and read. As soon as my sister came outside and went to get him, he bolted. We have a small package store downtown and Scott ran through their back door. My sister had to grab his collar in the middle of a liquor store!

One time we took him to Dairy Queen to get ice cream. We loved to take Scott everywhere. My sister’s boyfriend at the time took him on the leash while my sister and I ordered the treats. When we walked to the car we smelled the pair of them before we saw them. Scott had dove into a bush and apparently caught a skunk. Not knowing what was in his mouth, Charissa’s boyfriend tried to be a hero and grab it away from Scott, only getting them both sprayed. Then we had to drive them both home.

When I went to college everyone thought Scott was my boyfriend. I would always say statements like, “I miss Scott, I love him soooo much!” and my friends would say, “Aww, is that your boyfriend from home?” Taken aback I would respond, “No…that’s my dog.”

We only had Scott for almost two years. They had to pull one of his teeth and he ended up getting bloat brought on from the anesthesia. I can’t put into words the amount of love that flowed between my family and Scott for that short amount of time. He stole my heart with the very first glance I had into his kind eyes.


24 thoughts on “Life Lessons From Furry Friends Pt. 3

  1. Another story my sister wanted to add about our lovely Scott Monster (as we affectionately referred to him):

    “The first two weeks after I took Scott home had a few hiccups. He was wonderful during the day, but night time was a different story. My parent’s house had all the bedrooms on the second floor. My dad also had a strict “not pets allowed upstairs” rule. The problem was, given Scott’s past, he had quite a bit of anxiety. He would cry when we went upstairs and while he eventually quieted, he was far from calmed. He would get into mischief, mainly eating papers that were left low enough for him to grab. Given his size, that was pretty much everything. The thing is, it seemed he always ate my dad’s papers. While my dad likes animals, pets were never his thing. My mom and us children were always responsible for them because we were the ones who wanted them. One morning I woke up to a conversation downstairs between my parents. Apparently, Scott had torn up one of the songs my father had been writing. I groaned inwardly, knowing that I was going to hear an earful when I got up. I slept extra late that morning. When I did finally make my way downstairs, I was surprised by my dad’s cheery mood. He explained what happened and then joked, “Scott really dislikes my music!” That was Scott. He was just such a loving, furry teddy bear, that even a non-pet lover couldn’t be upset with him despite his mischief.”

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  2. Serena, this is a comment on my site about your Father’s Day post. ” It needs to hit somebody’s page/ Fb page that has a connection to Alzheimer’s. Somebody who is passionate about it. Or a human interest site. What about or They both run heartwarming stories about people and families. This is a love story…” I think you should submit your story to at least one of those sites!

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    • He was wonderful! And perfect timing for us to have him. He was the one dog we’ve had who could not live with cats and that was the one time in our house we did not have cats! We got two kittens after he passed and I can’t wait to write about them! (Though they are years away from being kittens now.) I like seeing your cats too! 😊

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  3. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog. It is so good to know he had found his forever happy home at last and offering him that for the final years of his life was one of the greatest gifts you could give him. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  4. Scott sounds delightful, in spite of his idiosyncrasies. I think it’d be fun to have a dog who liked to go for walks. I’ve never had a dog, but many neighbors do and they tell me that their pets would rather lounge the day away than walk. Sorry you only had him for two short years, but the stories…

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