Garfield and Elphaba

I have shared a few pictures of my two cats, Garfield and Elphaba, and quite honestly I’m surprised it hasn’t been more. My phone has over a thousand pictures and 95% of them are animals. This is a special occasion though, and one I could not resist to share with the world. 

I bought Elphaba a cat leash!

She is always trying to sneak outside, but our cats are indoor only and I don’t really believe in her capabilities to survive in the outside world (sorry Elf!). Of course I have a huge soft spot for my furry friends so I try to make them happy however I can. Here are some pictures from our adventures!

Garfield would not go near the leash and I think he was offended I even suggested it. Instead he opted to glare angrily from the window as Elphaba explored the great outdoors. 

I love my kitties! πŸ™‚

29 thoughts on “Garfield and Elphaba

  1. Ohhh! They’re beautiful! What a luxurious ginger Garfield is, and Elphaba is so pretty! Charlie is harness trained, but the others collapse under the weight of the harness and refuse to move…: )

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  2. Cute cats make me happy ^.^

    For some reason, it never occurred to me that cats could have leashes too. I have never seen a cat being walked nor heard someone say “I walked the cat yesterday”…

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  3. Elphaba is an awesome cat name!

    And this reminds me that I have to break out our cat leash. Schooner had somehow managed to get it off of its hook and on the ground while we were away (somehow not disturbing the many Choppy leashes on the hook). It is probably a sign that he wants me to take him outside. Or, at the very least, I am going to read it that way.

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