With every shuttering blink

my eyes adjust to approaching darkness.

It creeps in unannounced,

a strange visitor intruding.


I try to savor the fading light.

It flees in frantic motions.

I want to hold daylight in my pocket,

but Night consumes with childish fury.


Led by the moon, a destructive knight

known only by its stolen shine.

So cold, so isolated, caged deep in black atmosphere,

a frozen crater with footprints on its face.


No wonder resentment rides in its wake.

I understand the fear of dark,

but how could I explain the fierce beauty

framed in a reflected glow?

14 thoughts on “Reflection

    • Thank you😊😊 It’s inspired first quite literally on how the moon relies on the sun and although both are beautiful, (the moon more so because it doesn’t hurt our eyes) the moon’s beauty wouldn’t exist without the sun. I relate this to the concept of the idea of imitation in art and the idea that the “masters” of their craft steal from others already good ideas. I think I don’t want to be an imitation of someone else, but sometimes, when it’s just right, it’s even more spectacular than what comes before.


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    • First of all, I love this question and thank you so much for asking it. I’m all about thoughtful discussion. I cannot give a definitive answer of what’s more important because to me it is very situation based. For example, quite literally I do enjoy the moon more than the sun because in my opinion it is more beautiful even though it’s light could not exist without the sun and therefore the sun needs to be acknowledged and respected. Let’s talk about this in a literary context: take for example a story like Harry Potter. A story that has captured the heart of so many… Rowling did not create the idea of witches and wizards, she didn’t invent werewolves or magic, she didn’t even create a truly original hero or villain story…yet she took all these elements that existed previously added her own touch and it became a masterpiece that may very well be timeless. Is that not worthy or appreciation? We should not ignore the original, and it should be respected and acknowledged, but sometimes the imitation is just as good if not better. This is not to say that there aren’t poor imitations in which case you would be completely correct in giving the original its due.

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      • Hmm.Very interesting point made.Actually i get what you are trying to say and depict through your poem.I think at the end of the day it all depends on how well crafted your creation is.Irrespective of whether its an original creation or structured on the basis of previously invented ideas.Nevertheless beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder and this work of art is truly beautiful atleast from my perspective 🙂 looking forward to more of your works:)

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