C is for Contradiction, #AtoZChallenge

Sometimes I feel like my personality traits are in constant conflict. I don’t like when I’m the center of attention and yet I yearn to be seen and sought out. I don’t like being in charge of other people because I don’t want to deal with discipline or delegation, and yet I love telling people what to do. Only if they ask me to, of course. When people are asked to describe themselves I feel like most of the time it’s not too hard a task to accomplish. “I’m really outgoing and I love the outdoors!” “I’m a shy introvert and I love playing video games.” Can you categorize yourself easily?

I think I’m an introvert, but I’m always happy when I’m socializing. I love the outdoors, but I also love to stay inside, play video games, or read and write. I think being successful in my career is really important, but so is maintaining all my close personal relationships. I hate driving and yet I love driving. I hate doing the dishes and yet I love doing the dishes. I am a walking contradiction.

How do you answer the question: Who are you?

I am Serena Joy Sinclair. I am a music teacher. I love to read, write, and cook. I have brown hair and eyes.

Do you notice the pattern? I can only tell you things that I do, things that are concrete.

But who am I really?

I am patient, but also easily frustrated. I am kind, but also judgmental. I am smart, but fooled easily. I am ambitious, but quickly lose motivation. I am all of the things and none of them. I am a contradiction to my own existence.

Who are you?




Thanks for joining me on the A to Z Challenge! I’m loving people’s comments with their own views on each topic. Very insightful and inspiring! Please, feel free to answer the questions I ask in my posts, I AM seeking your opinion!

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11 thoughts on “C is for Contradiction, #AtoZChallenge

  1. So many times small talk covers the real answers, like ‘who are you?’ but also ‘how are you?’ to which everyone automatically says ‘fine,’ when that us usually a complete contradiction to the truth. Nice post.

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  2. Also, you can only describe yourself from your POV. Other people probably see things in you that you never knew were there. I’m not sure I always want to find out what people see in me. I guess that’s where ignorance is bliss comes in!

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  3. “How do you answer the question: Who are you?”

    One thing I do is look for “traits” — behaviors that are somewhat enduring over time. And I make a special effort to identify those traits that I think might be talents. Talents to me are inherent predispositions, or aptitudes, for something, such as mathematics, music, or athletics. I do other things too, to answer the question “Who am I?”, but looking for talents and other traits is one of the most revealing things I do.

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