E is for Excuses, #AtoZChallenge

I’m a day late with my post. Here’s why:

On Thursdays I have a 15 hour day. This particular Thursday I got home and after eating dinner at 9 PM I had to go out and check my tires because my air pressure light came on after just fixing the air the day before. Of course I had a slow leak in not one, but two of my tires. That was upsetting and I was tired already, so my boyfriend and I stopped to get ice cream. The ice cream did fix my mood, but not the fact that I was exhausted. We got home after 10PM or so and put on some Always Sunny while I tried to write my post. I stared at the screen awhile, thought of lame words I wouldn’t be able to write anything about and then gave up and went to bed.

So there’s my excuse. And oddly it has become my E post. I’m not going to overthink this since my next class starts in 5 minutes and in about five hours when I get home from work I have to try and write a post on F.

Happy A to Z ing everyone!


8 thoughts on “E is for Excuses, #AtoZChallenge

  1. There’s a fine line between excuses and reasons. Some people act like every reason something wasn’t done is an excuse, but I think it depends on the obligation in question. I think that “I was tired and knew I would do better work in the morning after getting some sleep” is a perfectly fine reason, especially since you did follow through on getting it done the next day.

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    • That’s a good way to look at it. As a teacher it’s hard to sift through the millions of kid excuses and pick which are actually valid reasons so I think I’ve been stuck in that mindset of it’s just an excuse. Thanks for re-opening my perspective!


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