M is for Make Mistakes, #AtoZChallenge

Whenever one of my music students makes a mistake and apologizes for it, I tell them don’t apologize for learning. Making mistakes teaches us what not to do so that we learn what we really should be doing. This doesn’t just apply to playing music, it carries throughout our lives.

Nobody likes the feeling of when they mess up, but if we could change our perspectives around mistakes I’m sure we’d do a better job managing regret.

I’m not saying I’ve mastered this concept, but I’m working on it.

One of my 5th grade classes is working on the song Try Everything by Shakira for their Spring Concert. It was featured in the movie Zootopia. I love the lyrics of this song because the message is saying it’s okay to fail as long as you keep trying. One of the lines is actually “I’ll keep on making those new mistakes, I’ll keep on making them everyday”. This is said as a positive!

I still am very hard on myself when I make mistakes, but I’m getting better at putting it back into perspective.


What is your perspective on making mistakes? How do you deal with them?


10 thoughts on “M is for Make Mistakes, #AtoZChallenge

  1. I can usually get over it if it’s something of my own, but if I hurt someone else in the process I have a hard time letting go of regret – even if I learn from it. Eventually the sting of guilt wears off, but I try not to mess up things that involve other people.

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  2. There’s a line from Billy Joel’s “Second Wind” which is “You’re not the only one who’s made mistakes, but they’re the only thing that you can truly call your own”. I always liked that line!

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  3. Ironically, I feel like the biggest mistake of my life was being too afraid of making mistakes! I’ve learned so much from the times in my life I’ve royally screwed up and had to figure out how to fix things and move forward. I’m glad you’re embracing (and teaching your students) such a positive message!

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    • Yea I think when I was younger I was really limited by my fear of failure. I quit most things I wasn’t automatically good at because I didn’t understand that learning takes time. I think realizing that it’s okay to make mistakes has been what’s enabled me to really start creating my own path through life instead of just doing what I think I’m supposed to be doing!

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  4. I agree. Mistakes are part of forward progress: Make a mistake. Learn from it. Make a new mistake. Although, sometimes, with enough planning and foresight, I can sometimes accomplish things right off the bat!

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