About Serena

I spent my life making a plan to reach my goals. Goals I set because I thought that’s what life is about. Setting goals and reaching them. And maybe it is, except not when your goals are based off of what you think other people expect you to do. In my blog I’m hoping to write, write, write, and hopefully along the way make some very important self-discoveries. You can find poetry, personal essays/memoirs, and bits of fiction as well as some random musings I share while trying to find my voice as a writer.

Or for the short version:

I’m just starting to question all my previous life choices. An adventure surely awaits.


55 thoughts on “About Serena

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  2. I love this! This is exactly how I felt when I finally withdrew from the working system. My life kinda fell apart for awhile though because I didn’t know what to do instead or how to do it. So I floundered, then I got back up again, and I floundered some more, now I’m a bit in the floundering part again but this time I want to build something that’s lasting and relevant to me and who I am, so I understand where you’re coming from. The universe is trying to teach us that we don’t control life, we are life, so we must let it all be.

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  3. When you visit blogs trying to make new friends, you get amazed by the talents in showcase. You run quite a blog here, i even enjoyed reading your about section. Happy to have found you. Earned my support through my follow. Cheers! Keep going! Your new fan – Cezane

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    • Thank you so much! I will be sure to check out your blog as well. Funny thing, my cousin just got married and their wedding was Cézanne and Michael and when I saw your blog title I got really confused. But then I noticed it was Michelle not Michael. 😝 Anyway, Cezane is a beautiful name! Glad to have met you😊

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  7. Dear Serena, I am starting a section on my page called “Promoted Bloggers.” The promotion can last anywhere from a week till a month. I would like to choose your blog as one of the three blogs with your permission. Please feel free to delete this comment after reading and responding. Sincerely, Eric with MakeItUltra™

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  8. Hi Serena,

    A short, but very interesting bio. Sounds like you’re discovering who you are. I don’t know how much you’re like me, but if you are, then I think you’ll find there is no end to self-discovery. It’s more of a journey than a destination.

    You seem off to a very good start, though. You’ve already seen that living up to other’s expectations is not authentic, and not for you. I wish you the best on your way. And now I’m off to read your blog!


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