3 Day Quote Challenge

I have been nominated by samanthamurdochblog for the 3 Day Quote Challenge. She writes about cats and crystals and is a great person to connect with so you should check out her blog!

The rules for the challenge are as follows:

Post 3 quotes for 3 consecutive days and nominate 3 new blogs each day.

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I Am Human

I am Human. And I don’t need any labels other than that. I don’t need to be defined by my race, by my gender, my sexual orientation, my social class, my religion. I don’t need to be put into a box and told that’s who I can relate to. I don’t need to be called black to hurt when racism occurs. I don’t need to be called gay to grieve when those who are get senselessly murdered. Because I am Human, and when humans attack humans, we all will suffer.

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My Absence

Since I’ve started this blog I’ve been pretty good about posting every day or every other day. So not posting for a week and a half feels like forever for me, but I just didn’t feel right posting and maybe some of you can understand this feeling.

My friend, Taylor (Chi), passed away last Friday, May 28th. I received the news Saturday from her dad, the morning of my other friend’s wedding. I was in Las Vegas and supposed to be celebrating two beautiful people who have been together almost ten years finally tying the knot. Then I found out my friend, 24 years old, and who I’ve known for 11 years now, had lost her battle with cancer.

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Losing Love (And Finding It)


You and I are like oil and water and we’ve been trying, trying, trying, oh, to mix it up.”

He’s singing to me on the phone again. We talk everyday and I call him a friend, but I know it feels like more. We get so close and I’m terrified. I look for an escape, any escape, and I find one. A new boy at my first job. We start to date and I assume that will make my feelings go away…

I’m drinking the ink from my pen and I’m balancing history books up on my head, but it all boils down to one quotable phrase: “If you love something, give it away.”

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Happy Mother’s Day

I write a lot about my mom. Mostly because it helps me deal with her Alzheimer’s and sort my feelings out. The last story I shared, Missing Memories, was written before she got her official diagnosis. A lot has changed since then, so for mother’s day I wanted to write an updated tribute for my mom. Everything written in italics will be memories and everything written in plain text is what happened today. This helps compare the ways things have changed, but most importantly, the ways she’s stayed the same.

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W is for Wonderland Trail in Washington

W day is here! I’ve never been more excited!! (Okay, that’s definitely not true.) Anyway, I wrote a story called Walking in Wonderland that I would love to share. I am going to break it into pieces like the Oregon story because it’s a bit long BUT I wrote it soon after hiking so the memories were very fresh and I actually had time to go over the story and make it “good” instead of just typing it up on the spot. I also have a ton of pictures that I’d like to share along the way. I won’t lie, I’m very proud of this story and accomplishment of hiking the Wonderland Trail so I really hope you enjoy it too! 🙂 Now without further delay:

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O is for Oregon

Two summers ago I met my parents and sister in Oregon as they were hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail. I was only able to spend a week with them because I wasn’t 25 yet and the rental car fee was already astronomical. (Over $600 for one week.) We met at Crater Lake which is absolutely beautiful…but can get old when your father wants to stop at every single viewpoint, especially when those viewpoints are not even a minute drive away from each other.

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