I is for I’ve Done This Before, #AtoZChallenge

I’ve done this before-

Watched a cold sunrise

In the darkest blue

That matched your eyes.


The grey dawn rose

With mist seeping through.

Stood tall with skin drenched in thought,

Stood small when I thought of you.


I’ve seen this before-

Decay in evening sky,

Sunlight dying with a soft glow,

The moon was your reply.


Night came creeping in

To replace a faded day.

It seemed light was useless,

But that was always your way.


I’ve felt this before-

Pressure breathing hot.

At first I thought I recognized,

But now I realize I forgot.


A stranger’s face blurred my sight,

Lifted my hands to match the stars.

You shined so bright I couldn’t see your heart.

No, I couldn’t find the light without some dark.


I’ve been here before-

In an unfamiliar place.

I thought I’d be with you,

But you’ve grown that stranger’s face.


I won’t cry anymore,

And I’ll take back my blame,

Because we’ve both changed so much

Still expecting to be the same.


I’ve done this before-

Watched a cold sunrise

In the darkest blue

That matched your eyes.

3 Day Quote Challenge

I have been nominated by samanthamurdochblog for the 3 Day Quote Challenge. She writes about cats and crystals and is a great person to connect with so you should check out her blog!

The rules for the challenge are as follows:

Post 3 quotes for 3 consecutive days and nominate 3 new blogs each day.

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Losing Love (And Finding It)


You and I are like oil and water and we’ve been trying, trying, trying, oh, to mix it up.”

He’s singing to me on the phone again. We talk everyday and I call him a friend, but I know it feels like more. We get so close and I’m terrified. I look for an escape, any escape, and I find one. A new boy at my first job. We start to date and I assume that will make my feelings go away…

I’m drinking the ink from my pen and I’m balancing history books up on my head, but it all boils down to one quotable phrase: “If you love something, give it away.”

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P is for Philadelphia

In 2006 I went to Philadelphia on a mission trip to help grow a community garden and work in a rehab center for addicts. Part of our group also worked in a daycare center for preschool children. We also got to see a Phillies baseball game and eat Philly cheese steaks! I really enjoyed working in both the garden and rehab and it was definitely an eye-opening experience. I wrote a song after that trip, feeling inspired, and I thought I’d share the lyrics here:

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