Nebraska to Utah

From my last post I left off in Omaha, Nebraska. We took an extra stop in Parowan, Utah and in between we stayed in Boulder, Colorado. Here are some pictures from our adventures!


Hotel View in Omaha


Somewhat sketchy gas station in Nebraska


Apartments we stayed in Boulder


Redford and Kate, our Boulder companions (Ben’s cousin’s dogs)


Random haunted house in Boulder (surrounded by businesses)




Driving through Colorado was beautiful!


View area in Utah



Also at the view point, I just thought this was cool

Today we are heading to Las Vegas where we will spend a few days with Kevin’s parents until our final destination in California. Hopefully I’ll have some more adventures and pictures to share!

Goodbyes with Family & Friends and Beginnings Born from Ends

I meant to publish this post four days ago, the day before I left for California. As I was going through all my family and friends and visiting one last time the title for this post popped in my head. Instead of beginnings from ends I first though of “nights we don’t want to end” because indeed, each of my goodbyes I drew out for hours. Awkwardly standing around saying “alright” about 50 times before finally heading out the door. There were tears, there were embraces that shook from the power of our sobs, but there was always laughter and the reassurance, “See you later.”

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A Weekend in Norfolk

I grew up in the very small town of Norfolk, CT. It seems fitting that the week before I leave this place I’ve considered home for 24 years, the town puts on a celebration of its rich history. The weekend was packed with activities, music, and exhibits showcasing the way this small town has developed over the years. And by that I refer to what I always tell newcomers, “Norfolk is a town untouched by time.”

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I’m Back!

After about a month of no computer to use, my new laptop has finally arrived! I know a huge part of the blogging community is interacting with other bloggers and I have been lacking, to say the least, in that department. Now that I have a laptop and don’t have to stare at my tiny phone screen I hope to catch up with my favorite blogs and hopefully find some great new ones to explore! This is a short post for now because I’m still setting my new computer up, but I have a lot to catch up on in terms of some new pieces I’ve written AND the fact that I’ll be driving across the country in just 10 days and I hope to blog about my adventures and share lots of pictures of that journey!!

It’s good to be back!!!!!

I’ve Seen Hunger

I’ve seen hunger. I’ve seen it in the popped bellies of children begging in a Haitian village, asking for an extra shirt to add to their collection of one. I’ve seen it in the streets of Accra where scavengers prowl the streets with outstretched hands and scheming thoughts. I’ve seen it among the Ewe drums in Dagbe, where men sleep like babies upon concrete slabs and roofs are thatched with old straw. I’ve seen it in a one-room shack in the hills of Appalachia, the stench its own brand of security system. I’ve seen it in the grey trickle of water that was the life source of Dominicana. I’ve seen it in the fidgeting fingers of lost souls admitting addiction in Philadelphia. I’ve seen it in the eyes of strangers as I pass them by, their challenging stares eating away at me, absorbing some of my nutrients, my soul, as they whisper abruni. Do not tell me what hunger is. Do not tell me I could never understand. Those nights in Ghana, West Virginia, the Dominican Republic, Pennsylvania…I was a part of that hunger. I was the reaching fingertips, crusted with dirt and dried blood, I was the open mouths, dry, lips blistering in the hot sun, I was the stretched skin fighting to contain malnourishment, I was the hollow gaze that greedily gobbled the sight of privilege, I was the tattered cloth that clung desperately to coarse skin, the only fibers that would make that human contact. Do not tell me what hunger is. I’ve seen hunger.


Y is for Yellowstone National Park

After our Wonderland Trail hike we visited my Uncle Pete in Olympia, Washington then drove up to Vancouver Island and finally made a stop at Yellowstone National Park before going home. Yellowstone is incredible and there are two memories that stick out to me.

First, the bison. I had never seen a bison in real life before and in Yellowstone they are everywhere. There was a time when the herd was moving and just blocking the road and the rangers said you just have to wait for them. I love that. In the park the nature is in charge, not the people.

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W is for Wonderland Trail in Washington

W day is here! I’ve never been more excited!! (Okay, that’s definitely not true.) Anyway, I wrote a story called Walking in Wonderland that I would love to share. I am going to break it into pieces like the Oregon story because it’s a bit long BUT I wrote it soon after hiking so the memories were very fresh and I actually had time to go over the story and make it “good” instead of just typing it up on the spot. I also have a ton of pictures that I’d like to share along the way. I won’t lie, I’m very proud of this story and accomplishment of hiking the Wonderland Trail so I really hope you enjoy it too! 🙂 Now without further delay:

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