Computer Trouble!

I haven’t been using WordPress much because my computer keeps crashing and it’s hard to use the phone app to make posts and manage my blog. It’s not even two years old, but the screen keeps turning black on me after just a few minutes. I bought a new cable for my monitor and restored the computer back to factory settings. It worked for maybe a day and then I updated my graphics driver and it changed my screen resolution and continued to crash…. Anyone have any idea what’s wrong?!?

Anyway, I know I’ve had some crazy life stuff happening and some of the comments I received have made me think my readers are concerned…well I am okay!!! Just my computer is not. 😦

Seriously, if you have any guesses as to what’s wrong let me know!

And here are some pictures of my kitties being almost friends because why not. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Computer Trouble!

  1. Ugh computer troubles. I wish I could help but I’m not good at actual crashes… If it was just really slow then switching browsers might help, I had to stop using Chrome on my laptop a while go for that reason, but idk.

    Kitty friends! I wish my kittens would buttsnuggle like that. Mostly they just wrestle.


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