S is for San Diego

In my C is for California post I talked about how Kevin’s family and I snuck his pug Shy Ann into a hotel via travel bag. Part of the same vacation we visited a dog beach in San Diego because we thought Shy Ann would like that. Thus, an epic romance unfolded…

When we got to the beach Shy Ann was acting very shy (true to her name) and trying to hide behind Kevin’s mom. We tried to take her up to the water, but she was NOT having it. So we stood on the beach and enjoyed watching the dogs play while Shy Ann stood behind us. We met a corgi named Play-dough and we found that to be super adorable. There was also a pack of three dogs that were playing ball together which was entertaining and cute at the same time.


And then, Gus entered.

He was a black pug, a little bit overweight, and he did not have full functioning legs. I mean, he could walk, or hobble, but not fast and not very well.

But he had set his sights on Shy Ann and he was NOT going to back down.

He came around and started sniffing and she ignored him mostly, but in a “I’m tolerating this” sort of way. Then he wobbled off to say hi to his owner and made his way back to us as if to say, “Hey Dad, meet my new girlfriend!”

His owner followed him and we got to talking about how Gus came to be and how he was a rescue and still recovering. Then we decided to go and like a gentleman Gus escorted Shy Ann to the end of the beach before he had to leave with his own family.

Photos are from the dog beach website: The Original Dog Beach

I was too distracted by all the dog cuteness to take my own pictures.


Actual picture of Shy Ann…and a sock.

12 thoughts on “S is for San Diego

  1. Shy Ann is the most adorable dog name ever. So sweet. I love pugs. I wish we could see Gus and Shy Ann together, but I know what you mean by being caught up in the moment, and that’s a good thing. Though I love to share images, sometimes I leave my camera aside and just enjoy being fully present instead. Thanks for coming by and for checking out my Semiahmoo photo post. I had fun taking the pictures, and I’m glad you got to enjoy part of those moments from afar.

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